Certified Room Air Cleaners

Welcome to AHAM's Searchable Directory of Certified Room Air Cleaners. This Directory contains certified portable room air cleaner models verified through AHAM's Room Air Cleaner Certification Program. Each model's performance has been independently verified through testing at a third party laboratory.

You can search the models by the certified CADR ratings, by suggested room size, by manufacturer, or by brand name. Also, you can print your search results. The information found in the searchable Directory is updated on a continuous basis.


AHAM also publishes a quarterly PDF version of the Directory. Note that the PDF Directory has not been updated since the date on the cover of the PDF. To download a PDF version of this Directory of Certified Room Air Cleaners, click here.

In order to view the PDF version of the directory, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. If you need to download the program, visit the Adobe website.

To receive additional information, please call the CADR toll-free number of 800-267-3138